Cyber World and Cyber Security

With the technology came a lot of marvelous things that had made our life simple and easygoing. Look at any field and we can see that in almost every field we are using the new technology. Banking, studying, education, shopping, food etc. use technology in some or other way. It is a well known fact that technology has been a help in every field but with its growing use day by day there have arose many problems also.

Consider a mobile phone in which a user saves his personal data, banking details, communication details etc. and all this data can be at risk if any unethical hacker wants to. Due to such risks with online data it has been a compulsory thing to protect ones data from hackers. Like for every sickness there is a medicine, for the threat on data also there is a way to protect and avoid any wrong to happen with your data. Along with the threat of data theft, the threat of viruses also can’t be neglected.

To protect your mobile phones and PCs from such threat many ways are there which include:

  1. Using strong passwords
  2. Not using unauthorized and illegal applications
  3. Using cyber security software
  4. Using an antivirus like Norton security etc.
  5. Using data protection protocols
  6. Not using open Wi-Fi where system shows a data steal threat
  7. Not using illegal and unsecure websites

Firstly, one needs to know that how internet can be a way for the hackers to steal your data. When one uses internet then there are many websites which do not have a secure protocol and your system warns you about such websites when you try to browse on such websites. Some files are downloaded automatically from the website which ends up being a virus which can corrupt your operating system or send your personal data, bank details etc. to the hackers. So if you are using internet for downloading any file then use secure websites where there is no threat of data theft.

One can use following ways to protect. These are by far the best ways to protect your PC or mobile phone from viruses and data stealing.

  1. Using an Antivirus: An antivirus is a program that helps you in protecting your data on the PC or mobile phone from virus or malware attack. It works like an antidote for different viruses and malwares. It scans your PC or mobile phone on a regular basis and makes sure that there are no malware files on the hard disk. And in a case where there is a malware, the antivirus uses proper protocol to protect your data and system. There are many such antiviruses like 9apps Norton mobile security which you can download from 9apps store etc.
  2. Using good internet connection: Sometimes a hacker may tap in to your system via your internet provider so you should use a good and trusted brand of internet provider to remove this threat.
  3. Using cyber security software: You can use cyber security software to protect yourself from internet fraud and data theft via website. Such software warns you about any such website and protects your data from being leaked or stolen by any hacker.

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