How to Score 700+ in Your GMAT Exam?

GMAT exam is an indispensable requisite when we talk about the full-time Graduate Management programs in various universities. If we talk about the entire application process, when compared to other admission criteria like recommendation letters, essays and  even the interview prep, candidates spend more than 75% of their effort and time in making sure that they secure a good GMAT score as a way of enhancing selection chances into renowned business schools.

Moreover, you also need to bear in mind that the final outcome of your application depends on your demonstrated proficiency in interview, and determinants like, essays, LOR, academic GPA, SOP, etc. However, a 700+GMAT score is a potential indicator of an outstanding academic proficiency of the candidate, which h will also help to isolate him or her from an immense pool of applicants.

Here are the essential steps to getting a 700+score in your GMAT exam:

  • Take Out Time to Study

An old GMAT proverb says, “Study for 100 minutes, get nothing from it; study for almost 200 hours, get GMAT super powers.” Just make sure that you dedicate enough hours spread hours spread over several months to maximize your efforts to get a 700+. Evaluate your performance on the practice papers and decide which questions you find the most difficult ones.

  • Get the Best Possible Study Material

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  • Consistent Study

Remember, it is not just about the amount of time and study materials you use to study. However, it is all about how often and consistently you devote your time to studies. As a small pie of suggestion, studying small amounts every day for an extended period of time will help you achieve better results than cramming for a few weeks before your GMAT exam. Consistently putting aside 1-2 hours a day, you will quickly be on your way to achieve 700+.

  • Take Complete Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is very critical for your GMAT preparation. A lot of students practice the Quant and Verbal portion of tests. So if you decide to only practice these sections, your testing session will last around 2.5 hours. The actual test will make you finish the AWA and Reasoning sections first hour before you even begin with the Quant and Verbal sections.

It is not only your aptitude that is tested, but also your testing endurance.

  • Understand your Weaknesses

Utilizing your practice tests and error logs will help you get a defined profile of your GMAT testing abilities. Evaluate your profile and make a list of the aspects that you need to stress on and study. After completing your studies, take some of the test questions and cross it off your list. After you have done everything for your weaknesses, retake the exam again and evaluate your results again.

Notice whether any of your weaknesses popped up? Then go through the entire process again, and repeat until you are able to efficaciously answer the questions without making any conceptual mistake.

  • Pace Yourself

When taking the practice tests, try pretending the test environment as close as possible, keeping a note of timings and pace. You must answer all the questions on your GMAT exam, and will even be penalized if you fail to complete the test in time! Train yourself in order to stay calm, pace yourself well, and be strategic in the amount of time you spend on each of the tasks.

  • Rest

During the last few days before the test, make sure that you eat well, and get as much sleep as possible; so that you are feeling at your best. Like a high score would not necessarily guarantee you a place in your dream business school, in the very same way a lower score would not automatically disqualify you for admission. Just put in the hours, keep a clear head and you will ace it for sure.

Constant practicing questions and reviewing your mistakes will help you achieve a high GMAT score of above 700. The more consistent you are with your practice sessions, the higher your score will be. Just be conscious about your study plan, put in your sufficient time, focus and energy. Hence, all this would make your GMAT exam a much easier ride for you.

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