The Irrefutable Benefits of Using an Online Publishing Platform for Author

For a long time, many aspiring writers have experienced endless disappointment and frustrations from established publishing houses. These publishers had a lot of power and lorded over aspiring authors and in the process killed dreams of millions of people. Today, the internet has changed all this. You can now complete your book today and publish it tomorrow if you so wish. However, for the best editorial input for your manuscript before publishing, it is advisable to use an online publishing platform for author.  These platforms now generate more books than traditional publishers and they should be your first option if you want to become a published author.

If you are in the process of writing a book and you have no idea how to get it out there, it is important to learn what an online publisher can do for you. This article highlights some of the advantages of using these new-age publishing platforms. Take a look:

      1. Greater Creative Control

You have more control over your manuscript than when dealing with large publishers.  The emergence of credible online publishers means you can always walk away if there is no freedom to guide the editing and publishing of your book.

      2. Faster Publishing

Many would-be authors have waited for months on end for word from large publishing houses only to get a rejection. Luckily, there is a faster way to get exposure for your written material through online publishers for new authors.  These platforms have a large team of editors and who will quickly go through your manuscript and recommend any changes. Within a few days, your book will be in circulation which is a feat no traditional publishing house can achieve.

      3. Good Earnings

Ask any new author who has worked with an established publishing house and they will tell you how hard it is to make money.  Most of the profits go to the publisher and this is an arrangement that will go on forever. However, with an online publishing platform, you get a large part of the list price and this will motivate you to keep writing.

      4. Longer Shelf-Life

If you publish your book with a traditional publisher, they will only push it for a few months and from that point, it will slowly move off the top shelf. However, publishing online means your book is always available to every reader who goes online.

A good publishing platform for author guarantees a faster time to market for your book ensures your book is always available and it also offers better earnings. Go for it.

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