4 Qualities You Direly Need to Become a Yoga Teacher


Yoga teaches us to cure that need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. — B. K. Iyengar

Only an amazing yoga teacher can make a positive impact on his/her classes. The task of a yoga teacher is not just to instruct their students about various yoga poses, they uplift and inspire the class to push their limits and embrace the core of yoga. A true yoga teacher helps his/her students to overcome the mental barriers they don’t even know they had.

In short, there are some qualities a person need to become in yoga instructor.


Knowledge about just yoga is not sufficient. A good teacher should also be knowledgeable about the body and intention of every posture. For example, if a student has high blood pressure, an instructor should be well aware that what yoga poses is helpful and harmful to him/her. This way, the yoga instructor guides the learner to asanas that should be avoided and modified. Also, not every student can fully come into a pose; a qualified yoga trainer helps them with modified poses to perform those asanas.

Vocal power

A powerful voice is one of the most powerful tools to become a yoga teacher. S/he must be able to direct a group of students in and out of postures using words. Though it is challenging, skilled yoga teachers easily do it in a smooth and clear way, maintaining the flow of the class.

Love and respect for yoga

Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. — Rolf Gates

Yoga works on mind, body, and soul. Yoga is a holistic way to make your body and mind sound. A good yoga instructor understands that yoga is more than just a stretch and pranayama class and finds the balance between the physical and esoteric. The deep love and respect for yoga is often the real source of energy and inspiration for the students.

Prepared for classes

A yoga class needs to be planned and executed smoothly. In addition, to performing yoga poses, a teacher also satisfied multiple queries and curiosity of students. Thus, a yoga teacher needs to be ready to answer different types of questions of students. Preparation for a yoga class may include multiple things, like arriving early, setting the scene, leading class, taking the specific class plan, assist students who couldn’t perform, etc.

These are some of the essential qualities great yoga is take pleasure to take a class with.

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