6 Things You Should Discuss About with Your Gynecologist

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When it comes to reproductive and sexual health, it can be quite hard to know what is normal and what might be a potential sign of a serious health problem. Even if you feel quite embarrassed about certain problems, your gynecologist has already seen and heard it all and is always there to help you out.

Visiting a gynecologist can be an uncomfortable experience for you as you might feel inappropriate to talk about sex and reproductive organs, but this belief prevents women from being honest about their problems when discussing with your gynecologist in Kolkata.

If you are highly strung about talking to your gynecologist it can be helpful for you to have some information beforehand to help get the conversation begin. Moreover, it is also helpful to know what exactly the normal signs are and what the serious symptoms are.

So before you book your next appointment with a gynecologist in Kolkata, here are some of the things that you should discuss about with your gynecologist:

Painful Sex

Pain during sex can happen once or twice, but regular pain during sex can be a sign of urinary tract infection or genital infection, and should be immediately reported to your gynecologist. Talking about the situation with your gynecologist is very essential to figure out the reason behind it and what exactly you can do about it. Pain during intimacy can be a potential sign of some sort of illness, like an undiagnosed STI that needs immediate treatment or you might have endometriosis. So talking with your gynecologist about this problem can help you squeeze down the cause, and get you at ease.  

Lower Abdomen Pain

Lower abdominal pain can typify a series of problems. If you are suffering from weakening and regular lower abdomen pain, you immediately need to visit your gynecologist right now. And this pain can occur if a woman has ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, or pelvic inflammatory disease. However, if you are pregnant and suffering from lower abdomen pain, it could also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

Urinary Incontinence

Although urinary incontinence happens with older individuals, but if women below age of 60 who are in good health experience urinary incontinence, they should see a gynecologist right away. Usually, urinary incontinence has mild and relatively harmless causes, but a hindrance of the urinary tract could be at the root of the problem.

Failure to Orgasm

When it comes to orgasm, it is quite possible that your partner’s stamina or your sexual chemistry have some or the other thing to do with it; physical issues can also make it difficult for women to orgasm. Some of the daily life habits, like sitting at a desk whole day, wearing high heels can affect the pelvic floor and makes it hard for a woman to orgasm. So if it happens with you, speak to your gynecologist about your lifestyle and he can help you pinpoint the issue.

Irregular Periods

Getting irregular periods in adolescence is definitely normal, but as you get older your periods begin to come more regularly; usually around every 21 to 35 days. Since each body is different, each period cycle is also different. However, if you are unable to predict when your period is about to come, there might be a reason for the same. If you are on dieting and exercising a lot, you might lose your periods, which might be dangerous. So if you stop getting your periods or experience that your periods are coming less frequently and frequently, it’s time to visit the best gynecologist in Kolkata.

Itching ‘down there’

There might be many reasons that you could be experiencing an itch down there, but most common causes include yeast infections and bacterial infections in the vagina.

Here, the most important thing to know is that if itching is caused by any kind of infection there will always be other symptoms, usually including changes to vaginal discharge. If you are experiencing itch down there together with other symptoms, visit the best gynecologist in Kolkata.

Visiting your gynecologist about your problems with your mind, body, and sexual health can be quite uncomfortable, but it is always helpful. For instance, in low libido circumstances your gynecologist can make good recommendations to help you naturally enhance your libido. It has been found that women suffering from depression and anxiety maintain close relationships with their gynecologists and feel much more at ease in opening up about personal details with them. When searching for a gynecologist in Kolkata, make sure that feel comfortable with your gynecologist, therefore carefully research them. Verify their education, qualifications, and affiliated hospitals by consulting online websites. You can also go through the online reviews, that might help you better.

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