Neurologist: When Should You See One?

He is a specialist who treats the problems that relate to the brain and the spinal cord, the peripheral nerves and the muscles as well.  Some common neurological diseases may include headaches, epilepsy, stroke, movement-related disorders, and others as well. Here are top then reasons why you may want to see a neurologist:

You Are Getting Headaches

We all might have experienced headaches sometime in our life. Sometimes it stretches into the sinus, across the top of the head and shoulders along the base of the skull and the brain. The reasons may vary from a sinus infection to toothache that might need a visit to the dentist. Some severe forms of headaches include the migraine, or a constant headache or the one that starts early in the morning. If your headaches are severe, the primary care doctor may refer you to a neurologist.

You have a Long Lasting Pain

You may be suffering from a pain that has been there for months or the years. It could have been a result of the injury or illness, but if it lasts longer than the normal recovery time, it is time to see a neurologist. It is not something that your primary care physician will be able to manage, and you must see a neurologist in Delhi if you have other symptoms along with the pain like the numbness, or there are problems with bladder or the bowel control.

You Feel Dizziness

It can take many forms and neurologist treat dizziness which is a symptom of vertigo or disequilibrium. In vertigo, you may feel as if the things around you are spinning and the resulting imbalance can pose challenges in maintaining the balance. The primary care doctor may help you decide if the dizziness is severe enough to see the best neurology clinics in Delhi.

You Get Numbness

There may be numerous reasons there may be tingling in the body part. If you are sitting in a way that cuts the blood circulation, it may well cause the numbness. But if it continues, or comes suddenly, or happens on one side of the body, it is the time to see a neurologist. The numbness or the tingling symptoms can also be a sign of the stroke, and you need to get the help immediately. While the primary care doctor can help you evaluate these symptoms, if there is a stroke, you should get the help quickly.

Feeling of Weakness Grips You

If you are getting a feeling of weakness that you should see a doctor for are different than tiredness or muscular ache after you have lifted too many weight. It is a symptom for which you need to consult a doctor immediately. It may be caused due to a severe condition or disease of the nervous system.

Problem in Moving Along

If you are facing problems in moving or there is difficulty in walking or being clumsy, or there are unintentional jerks or movements. These can be a symptom of the problem in the nervous system.


If you come across any of these reasons, it is time to visit the best neurologists in Delhi and get the best possible treatment.

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