Data Center Security: Want to Know How Cloud Services Keep Your Files Safe?

Cloud technology has significantly changed the way we use computers, moving our software and data to the cloud instead of being installed on our own devices. We don’t think much about our files knowing that they are stored safely in a datacenter, and spread across multiple drives for redundancy. But do you ever think, how are cloud services safeguarding your data? Let us have a look at the security measures of the data centers:

Surveillance Systems

A proper surveillance system is considered as one of the primary lines of defense in any security plan. Cameras are installed around the perimeter of a data center which is used to watch for suspicious activities. Moreover, video surveillance acts as a record in case of an security incident, however the metal detectors make sure that the hardware is out of function.

Security Guards

Most of the data centers employ security guards inside the facility, but giants like Google and Apple have security guards who constantly patrol both the interior and exterior of their facilities. However, it is unlikely that anyone will try and take a datacenter by storm, some of the companies arm their guards, thereby securing their premises further.

Design of Buildings

Data centers are usually one of two styles depending on functions and the required security including single-purpose, or the multipurpose. Multipurpose datacenters are less secure, as they have other employers on site apart from those who are looking for the data center itself. Usually, multi-purpose data centers are not used for sensitive data or infrastructure.

Secure data centers are built strictly for the reason of housing IT infrastructure and are designed accordingly. Fire exits are opened strictly to the outside and there are only few entry points, usually a front entrance and a loading area.

Access Control

Only the authorized personnel are allowed in the secured areas, where the servers, routers and other equipment are there. In order to prevent unauthorized entry from waltzing in and out with customer data or installing malicious hardware, data centers employ a wide range of access controls throughout a data center. Mantraps are often deployed in order to limit the access to authorized individuals, and prevent criminals from gaining an unauthorized entry to a particular secured area. Usually, a mantrap consists of a two set of doors with an airlock in the middle.


What are some of the obvious threats to your data? Well, it includes hacking, malware and spyware; but few people stop to think of the physical aspect of IT security. Datacenters take the security to a whole new level. And now that you know the various measures companies take in order to safeguard their servers, you can worry a little less about the data storage in the cloud.

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