Four Points that Work When Choosing a Datacenter Service Provider

Do you want to outsource your datacentre operations? Are you not sure how you can find the best service provider? There are many things you should take into account before signing the agreement with the service provider if you find any. With the challenges becoming more and more complex with datacentre expansion and development, companies are paying more attention to outsourcing options.  However, it is daunting to select a suitable outsourcing partner.

There are a number of points depending on the Datacentre Company and type of service you require for your business. Here are some definite aspects you should consider when it comes to choosing an outsourcing partner for datacentre services.

Network performance

In making your decisions, network performance, quality, and quantity of the network options have a vital role to play. It is good to check the network from where actual users will be located. This will enable you to gauge latency from your different angles and dig out possible issues in advance.

Maintenance record

Next point is the assess the maintenance record of the prospective datacentre as the physical side of a datacentre such as energy usage, cooling and electrical, etc. let your applications running. It is a facility which you should look properly. If a datacentre service provider is unable to ensure this, it will fail to provide the level of service such as uptime, DPS running, etc.

Unexpected disaster

It is advisable to check how a Datacentre Company is able to cope with unforeseen disaster and if it suits your business continuity planning. It is advisable to ask your datacentre service company some pertinent operations. The question may be like what happens when there is an extended outage or how do they address power failure, etc.

Pricing and terms

The next thing is to consider pricing and terms that are related to datacenter service. There are several pricing considerations that you should be aware of. This may be related to the setup charges, which include the following:

  • Cabinets construction
  • Installation of electrical whips
  • Cross-connects provisioning, etc.

These things are hardly negotiable. However, if you tend to enter a long term contract with a datacentre company, you should not fail to bargain on the charges. But, you should not expect too many discounts or the lock in rates that are to be applied for more than three years. For example, the rates of electricity are going up continuously. So the contract prices may also increase over time. Make sure the contract between and the service provider clearly specifies the way you will be charged for power usage (cost per circuit or metered usage). Depending on that agreement, you will be able to devise your hardware strategy for bringing down the operating costs.

It is advisable to pay attention to the implications of downtime on your service-level agreement. In most of the cases, the company can provide you with little compensation for service outages or disruptions. So make sure that you go through the fine print prudently and get your due if anything seems to be wrong at the service provider’s end.


There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when looking out for datacentre service provider. Based on your uptime requirements, you may ask the service provider for on-site support against on-call help. A successful relationship with the service provider totally depends on how they are going to align the services with your business to meet your needs. So pay attention to all the points above when choosing to outsource a datacentre service.

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