10 Top Technology Trends for 2020 and the Jobs They’ll Create

10 Top Technology Trends for 2020 and the Jobs They’ll Create

Are you bored of the same tedious, boring old career options that you’ve had to grow up with your whole life? If yes, then you’re in luck. Due to constant progression in the tech world, you now have more options to choose from, and the amount of alternatives increases as we speak. However, the rising rate of technological advancements means that they will be outdated before they’ve even had the chance to shine in the professional world, which means that IT professionals have to evolve at the same rate to keep up.

Brace Yourselves for Terminator 2.0

I’m just mess in’ with you. That isn’t happening for now, at least. However, we do have more of a hold on Artificial Intelligence than ever before. The use of AI is widespread, not only in big organizations, but it also helps us in our daily lives. It’s all around us, from the navigation system installed in our cars to the personal assistant in our smart phones. Maybe it’ll even help us develop a self-operating dissertation writing service? This increased need for AI application in our lives means a demand for more work to go into its development, and thus, more job opportunities for people. If you’re into AI, some of your options are as follows:

  • Development
  • Programming
  • Support
  • Maintenance

Let’s Recycle the Whole Bitcoin Thing…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to undermine Bitcoin in any way. But we’ve seen block chain technology has recently created a lot of buzz in the tech world. The technology is now slowly detaching itself from only being used for crypt o currencies and is expanding its horizons, seeing as it can be used for so much more. Here are some newly emerging uses of block chain and the job opportunities stemming from them

  • Designer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Risk Analyst

Wanna Work for the Technology That’s Taking Our Jobs? Step Right Up!

Do you ever get a text or an email and wonder ‘what poor bloke do they hire to write these’? Well, most of them are automated! Meaning they are automatically sent to you without someone manually having to do it. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is the technology behind automatizing such jobs. Note that this isn’t the same as thing as uk assignment writing services online. It only allows for low-paying, boring jobs to be done by automated machines, thus increasing efficiency.

  • Project manager
  • Developer
  • Business analyst
  • Consultant

How Virtual Can Our Reality Get?

Ever played Pokémon go? It’s one of the most well-known examples of Virtual or Augmented reality in this age. VR is quite an attractive technology on its own for obvious reasons, and adding that to businesses is bound to interest relevant people. Some fields in which you may choose a career after pursuing VR are as follows:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Rehabilitation

Wanna Teach Your Computer to Play Fetch?

Well, you can’t. Sorry about that. However, you most definitely can teach it to operate on existing data patterns. Machine Learning is a subset of AI, and it operates by taking information from what has already been fed into or assigned to it. Some of the possible career options from machine learning are as follows:

  • Software engineering
  • Software developer
  • Computational linguist
  • Data scientist

Computing….On Edge?

No, it doesn’t mean what you think. What we’re talking about here is Edge Computing, a technology which lessens how much long distance communication needs to normally happen between a client and a server. Basically, it gives processing functionality and makes it less time consuming.

  • Hardware and software developer
  • Architect

Save the Day in the World of IT

It’s kind of like being a superhero, except you protect people’s data instead of them. Security specialists are in high demand, and are predicted to be of even greater importance with the passage of time. Security breaches are becoming more and more common, making this one of the best career options for anyone wanting to pursue IT. 

Internet of Things….is Actually a Thing

Weird title, right? This refers to how almost everything (hardware and software) is now built with internet connectivity. Not only can they connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, but also to each other. We are always benefitting from IoT technology i.e. all of us have devices that connect to something, which makes its application incredibly widespread. Following are some possible career paths in IoT:

  • Data security
  • Application design
  • Networking
  • Enterprise architect
  • Engineer

Old, but Definitely Gold

Software development is surely not unheard of, however, as a career option, it is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. All of the creativity behind a computer program comes from a software developer. They make it possible for everything to be at our fingertips, from the games that we play to home delivery apps, everything is credited to the creative minds behind it which have made it possible.

Cyber Security

Possibly one of the most yielding career paths, cyber security & cyber insurance is definitely something that should prompt you to consider a career in IT. Some options for this would be as follows.

  • Security analyst
  • Security engineer
  • Security consultant
  • Cryptographer

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