5 Creative Ideas to Make Open Plan Workspace More Attractive

5 Creative Ideas to Make Open Plan Workspace More Attractive-Justlezen

Open plan workspace design has gained attention in the mid-20th century. This workspace design minimizes the presence of private offices and walls. Moreover, this design was introduced to promote collaboration and interaction among workers. Many tech companies like Facebook and Google are promoting open-plan workspace. Besides this, many countries have transformed their offices into an open-plan workspace.

In Australia, 90% of offices have open office design. Moreover, seven out of ten offices in the US are open plan. Open office design has some pros and cons. Pros of having open design workspace are increased collaboration, lower build cost, and reduced expenses. Moreover, it promotes creativity and innovation by allowing workers to have easy access to their colleagues. Open plan workspace also has the capacity to accommodate more workers.

There are also a few challenges that workers experience in an open-plan workspace. These challenges are noise and distraction and lack of privacy. But the benefits of an open-plan workspace are more as compared to its disadvantages. The layout of the open-plan workspace is also easier to change. By keeping the weather in mind, you can make changes in the layout like ceiling grid installation and creating extra open spaces.

Here are a few creative ideas for you to make an open plan office incredibly amazing:

Nature is Always the Best

If you want to promote creativity and unburden your cognitive system, you should introduce nature into your office. It will make you able to memorize and recall information more quickly and efficiently. There are different ideas to work on this thought. You can place potted plants in the office or layout your office in a way that gives a direct view to nature. You can also change your rooftop into a garden.

Make Things Moveable

Open plan office itself allows workers to collaborate and interact more. And if rotating desks are introduced in this setup, it will increase mobility. Consequently, increasing productivity because when workers limit themselves to only their desks, they stick not to their seats but to their ideas also. Thus, introducing a mix type of seating and break-out areas is also helpful in making your open-plan workspace look attractive.

Make it Feel Like Home

Cubicles and carpet tiles don’t make the office a place where people like to come. You can make your workspace more attractive by giving it a home-like touch. Today, many companies are changing their traditional style and opting for this one. You can change the paint of your office walls from typical white to warms colors and placing rugs and comfy sofas or couch. It will make your office look aesthetically appealing.

Be Playful

Introducing a place for fun in your open-plan office makes it a more attractive place. We are usually spending 7-8 hours daily in the office and sitting this long makes you feel dull and your energy goes down. Having a place for fun, where you can spend a few minutes with your colleagues is helpful. It not only energizes you but also strengthens the bond among team members.

Introduce Common Table or Gathering Space

Introducing a common table or spaces like kitchen, a coffee shop in your open plan workspace will motivate your workers. It will allow the transmission of healthy and productive information. When workers discuss their work with each other, they can have better work ideas. These common spaces will not only make your office look attractive but will also attract your workers to the office.

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