9 Best Methods to Prepare Your Home for Summer

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work it takes to get your home looking refreshed, clean and presentable after the messy winter weather.

That’s why we always recommend getting a head start as early as possible so you can get it done to embrace and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Learn some of our top tips and tricks to prepare your home for the summer season.

1. Go Deep With Your Spring Cleaning

With so much to tackle after the winter, it can be overwhelming when you realize how much maintenance and work your home really needs.

The problem is when there’s so much to do, many of us tend to skim over the surface and avoid those deeper levels of grime that could really use some attention.

To save you from having to deal with those chores during the sunny weather, break up your to-do list into baby steps so you can focus on cleaning one area at a time. This trick will prevent you from mopping as much.

2. Revamp Garden Now

Start prepping your garden beds to revamp the outer space of your house. Since outdoor spaces play such an integral role for lounging and entertaining during the summer, you want to make sure it’s ready to show off well ahead of your first baroque.

Carry out one day to rake, mow, trim, and make your landscape summer-ready. Then add some extra touches to transform your garden into a cozy and inviting space.

You can do this with simple additions like installing pot lights in the deck or placing a fire pit in the backyard.

3. Be Prepared for Guests

The warmer weather gets people out and about and more eager to pop in for a visit, which is why you should always be prepared for guests.

Entertaining is what this season is all about, so stock up some of the essentials you’ll need, and keep your interior and exterior tidy so you’re not scrambling when there’s an unexpected knock at the door.

Also, maintain the atmosphere inside your house. As summer season means high temperature and humidity level, there you should consider ducted air conditioning Sydney installation in your house to welcome your guest with a cool indoor atmosphere.

4. Take Advantage of Summer Discounts

If you need your carpets cleaned, windows washed or gutters cleared out, hire a company during the summer. Summer season is full of offers and discounted rates. So whatever you need to be done, book it during the summer!

5. . Perform Preventative Maintenance

The combination of snow, ice and frigid cold temperatures over the course of the winter can wreak havoc on certain areas of the home. That’s why preventative maintenance is always important to do after each winter.

We recommend having your air conditioner, HVAC unit, Air conditioning Sydney, eaves troughs, lawn equipment, and even your grill looked at.

If there’s any damage to these areas, like your A/C, fixing it now can prevent a lot of sweaty aggravation once the weather heats up.

6. Think Ahead to Prevent Water Damage

After the big winter thaw and added moisture from spring, water damage is one of the biggest issues homeowners face during this time of year.

Plus, the hot and humid summers can conjure up some massive storms which can cause flooding. To avoid any water damage, think ahead by having any vulnerable areas inspected and repaired.

Tackling these areas now can prevent water damage and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

7. Repair Interlock

Though interlock stones may be durable, they can still end up chipped and loose after the winter. Ignoring any issues can make your walkways unsafe, especially during the winter season when the ground is covered in snow and ice.

To keep the exterior of your home safe and looking sharp, get any damaged patio stones replaced.

8. Update Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Seeing your kitchen or bathroom in the summer sunlight can make you realize how badly they need updating — if this sounds like you, be sure to book in your reno early so you can get these staple areas of the home done, dusted and looking summer ready for hosting family and friends.

9. Book Your Home Addition

Whether you’re planning to rent out an income suite or just add on more space for your growing family, now’s the time also to organize, plan and book your contractors well in advance.  These renovation tasks will not be enjoyable when the warm weather tapers off. 

Final words

Once a year, you should look out for areas in your house that need to be fixed or upgraded. And, the perfect time to do this is the beginning of the summer season. Implement the above-mentioned tips and experience upgraded value of your house.

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