Enroll in a white label SEO Reseller Program and earn additional income

If you have made up your mind to earn additional income, then enrolling yourself into a white label SEO Reseller program can help you get started in simple easy steps.

Choose a reputed SEO services provider

There are many fly-by-night SEO operators in the market and you must exercise due diligence in selecting a right partner to work with. Among others check their history, leadership, SEO offerings, market experience and the type of SEO projects that they have completed.

What is the skill-set of the team?

Look at the profiles and skill-set of team members. Do they have certifications? Are they having the required capabilities to handle complex projects that require out-of-box thinking? What has been their contribution on past projects? Have they brought additional ideas to the table?

What are the soft-skills of team members?

Can the team members communicate effectively over the phone? How good are their English language skills? Can they write blogs, articles using correct English grammar and without mistakes? Will they be able to prepare comprehensive SEO reports that showcase their completed tasks and planned activities?

Negotiate the best deal with the SEO services provider

Have a frank discussion with the SEO services provider on the topic of commercial terms. Be transparent in your approach and discuss all terms and conditions with them, so that there are no grey areas that could become a point of escalation at a later date.

Always look at a long term perspective

Look at a long term perspective when choosing a partner. While short term offers may sound attractive, it is the business fundamentals that really matter in a long term relations. Ideally your DNA should match the DNA of your partner.

TechIndia Software – An established SEO services company offering white label SEO Reseller Program

TechIndia Software is a leading SEO services company that easily fulfills the above 5 criteria. It has robust systems and follows industry best practices when implementing SEO projects with partners in its Reseller network

Earn additional income in a white label SEO Reseller Program

Just leverage your network of business contacts and pitch them SEO services. The beauty of the model is that you don’t have to work really except front-end with the customer and forward them reports. The bulk of the work is performed by the SEO services provider working in the backend. They do the day-to-day SEO activities and forward you a report containing:

–             Details of the website audit

–             Shortcomings or gaps in the website performance

–             Their recommendations

–             SEO strategy with milestones

–             Report of work performed and milestones achieved

Your task is simply to forward the report to the end customer with your branding & logo. If there are any questions from the customer, the SEO services provider steps in to address those questions.

Potential to earn money with minimal efforts

As you can see from the above, this model offers you immense opportunities to make money with very minimal effort from your side. Even if you start with one small customer, you have the chance to grow on your success and add new customers in your network.

Amount of money earned

This depends upon you and how much effort you put into the work. The more dedicated and committed you are, the higher will be your chances to earn money.

Training and guidance provided by TechIndia Software

Interested to join? Then think no further. Just contact TechIndia Software and enroll yourself in their white label SEO Reseller Program and start earning money. What’s more they will also guide and train you in your reach-outs to potential customers in your network and how to answer the questions that you might be asked by your customers.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose Ecommerce Seo Company and White Label Seo Services.

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