How MDCAT Preparation through online platforms is the Big Opportunity for Pakistani Students?

The preparation for medical entry test is the real bear for the students after they pass their intermediate exams. And no one can give entry test the brush-off when it comes to get admission in medical universities in Pakistan. It’s compulsory for the students to put the big score on the board in order to get into top-positioned medical college in Pakistan. Yes, it really is.

There are no two ways about the fact that trend of getting into academies for the preparation of entry test is quite old in Pakistan. Be that as it may, online platforms sit in the catbird seat these days when it comes to pass the entry test with high score. Now, students are able to prepare while sitting on their favourite pillow any time of the day.

In this post, we are going to delve into why online platforms aremore effective for the MDCAT entry test preparation and how it’s a big opportunity for the students of Pakistan. Without a further ado, let’s get on with this:

Comfort of study

Alright, let me throw some questions on you.

Isn’t it back-breaking to sit on a single chair for a long time to listen to the lectures in the classes full of students?

Would a student be able to develop interest in this environment?

Well, comfort is the first and foremost thing that students pin their hopes on when it comes to the preparation of entry tests online. Until or unless the students are mentally relaxed, they won’t be able to focus on whatever they are going after. And online platforms provide the students with the utmost comfort while doing preparation for MDCAT online.

Now, the aspirants don’t need to go anywhere to take sessions for the preparation of entry tests. Instead, they are able to sit on their favourite chair in the room and prepare themselves for MDCAT online.Yes, it’s possible. All the study material including video lectures, questions bank, full-length practise exams etc. are accessible throughout the day. You can simply listen to the video lectures at any time, no matter day or night, as long as you have a stable internet connection. So, basically, students can frame the whole preparation out and get the desired results with less effort but smart work. That’s the beauty of online study.

Self-paced learning

Right after the intermediate exams, the students have got less time to prepare for the entry tests. Unfortunately, the preparation mechanism at academies is not fit for all of the students especially for the students who haven’t performed well in the exams.

The biggest edge of online preparation over the on-campus preparation is self-paced learning. Thanks to this, students are able to do the preparation according to the pace they are comfortable with.

Self-paced learning at online platforms enables students to make a schedule of the study according to their needs. With that being said, some students prefer study in the morning hours and a few of them find themselves comfortable while studying at night. That’s not possible with the on-campus study where all of the students have to gather in the class to study. Be that as it may, online platforms have made this possible to alter the time table of study according to the interest and needs of the students.

Students have no need to take themselves off from the extra activities, friends or the quotidian stuff. Neither have they need to go to other cities to take admission in the entry test preparation academies. All they need to do now is get the necessary time out of their daily routine, sit in their favourite room in either night or day and do the preparation and that’s that. That’s simple, isn’t it?

Less cost

Yes, that’s the other big advantage of online platforms over the traditional on-campus academies.Double thumbs up to online preparation method, it’s now possible for even the financially poor students to get through the preparation.

As Pakistan is developing country, a lot of students are financially poor and they can’t afford the massive dues of the academies. Not only that, students are asked to submit additional dues after getting the admission which the administration had not mentioned at the time of admission. Eventually, these dues add up and students find it really difficult to pay the extra dues in shape of notes, quizzes and practise exams. And those who afford, in spite of paying all the dues, don’t reach the desired destination.

On the other hand, the fee structure at online platforms is very much affordable. Almost all the students can afford it easily and there are no extra charges because everything is available in just a few clicks. So, the students who don’t have their pockets full with money could be able to prepare for the entry test and get admission in any top-ranked medical college in Pakistan.

Greater student-instructor interaction

There’s a greater student-instructor interaction if you spend a moment just talking about the online platforms. When it comes to student-teacher interaction in traditional on-campus study, it’s not up to the par and students don’t get what they pin their hopes on. The reason for this is the crowded classes. A bunch of students would be ready to throw questions on the instructors at the end of the lecture. That being the case, the teacher won’t be able to answer all of the students in the limited time. And hence, most of the students would go their home without clearing their ambiguities. That’s nasty, isn’t it?

Developing concepts in an efficient way

One of the most important questions that people get asked about is whether the preparation of MDCAT through online platforms is fruitful? Yes, it really is (and I am being brutally honest). A few of them ask that whether this kind of cheaper study isproductive.Alright, my answer is still same, it really is. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, there is no connection between the quality of education and cost. It’s important to note that a student need to focus on whatever he is preparing for. Only then, he would be able to get through the preparation.So, online platforms offer a balanced environment to the students to prepare for the entry tests in a way they like and study open-mindedly.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is something very important when students have to answer the critical questions in the exams. The aspirants can take the services of online groups in order to critically discuss what is being addressed. These groups and forums help students communicate and interchange the concepts. This also makes them more confident about their preparation and the concepts they have developed. If there’s any ambiguity, they can throw questions on the instructors online at any time of the day. That’s fructiferous, isn’t it?

Sense of self-discipline and responsibility

Sense of responsibility and self-discipline is something online study provides students with. Yes, online platforms provide big opportunity to the students to realize their responsibilities and management of the time keeping in view the preparation.

There is no denying the fact that online study gives students a big push in managing the time they have got for the preparation. This is because of the fact that they know there’s no one monitoring them 24 hours a day and they have to make their way to the preparation themselves. It would not only help them prepare according to their skills but also in developing the sense of responsibility for the future endeavours in the years to come.

Tracking the progress

Online platforms have made it easy for the students to keep their eyes on the clock. The daily, weekly and monthly test allow students to evaluate their progress and act accordingly. All the tests are checked and the record is kept to analyse the progress. The students preparing for MDCAT online would be able improve the subjects they are weak in by keeping a close weather on the weaknesses and flaws by making use of these tests. With that, students can alter their schedule accordingly. That being the case, the easements after regular intervals of time can help students get through the low-scoring subjects. That’s really helpful, isn’t it?

Accessibility from the remote locations

Yes, that’s the big problem for plenty of students. The aspirants having whereabouts in remote areas find it difficult to make their way to the academies. That said, they have to travel to the campuses and take the sessions on daily basis. These expenses quickly add up and it also affects the productivity.

One of the major concerns is accommodation which later on proves to be a real bear for the students’ aboding in remote areas. Straight after that, the unhygienic food provided by the hostels is not up to the par. All these things stand in the way of a poor student to make both ends meet simultaneously.This hectic routine also disturbs the student and eventually they get depressed. As a result, they could not focus on the preparation and fail. That’s how it sucks.

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