How to Cure Back Pain After the 40s

Age can have a negative impact on a person’s bones. The disks and bones present in the spine can degenerate over time and result in back pain. The degeneration of bones can cause soreness and stiffness which can make life painful and hard.

When people turn 40 they assume that they will have to deal with back pain but it is not an inevitable part of aging. You can get rid of the back pain by making some lifestyle changes and treatment methods. When you are above 40 it is important that you choose the treatment methods carefully because you do not want to do more damage than good. Before you choose a method you should consult a doctor because they can guide you by telling you the best-suited treatment option and also recommend places that offer best back pain treatment Ashford.

Here are a few tips on how you can get rid of back pain and lead a happy and healthy life.

Improve your sleep:

The sleeping position and habits can have an impact on back pain. To get rid of the pain it is time to make changes to sleeping habits. Back pain can make sleeping difficult and if you are not getting enough sleep then lack of sleep can have a ripple effect and make life difficult.

If the back pain is getting worse then it is important that you take a look at your sleep position. Poor sleeping position can escalate the back pain so you need to change it. The best position is to lie on your side and put a pillow between the knees. It will help in keeping the spine in a neutral position and relieving it of strain. If you prefer to sleep on your back then to relieve back pain put a pillow under the knees. It is important that the mattress is firm and comfortable.

Maintain a good posture:

Slouching is not good for the spine and can escalate back pain. Maintaining a good posture is just as important when you are in your forties as it is in your teens. The wrong posture can put unnecessary strain on the spine and as the bones become more fragile with age it will lead to serious back pain. When you are sitting especially for long periods make sure that you sit upright and the body is supported by the back of a chair. The shoulders should be relaxed and feet flat on the floor. For extra comfort, you can also put a pillow or rolled towel between the seat and lower back.

Pain relieving medication:

If the back pain is becoming too much then you can always use pain medicines. But before you choose the medication it is important that you consult your doctor first. The medicines can have side effects and if you are taking any other medication then the combination can be harmful. It is also important to understand that medicine is not going to magically cure back pain. You have to combine medicine with other treatments and healthy lifestyle changes.

Try physical therapy:

Physical therapy is a healthy and effective treatment method for back pain. The professional can guide you on how to sit, move, and stand and which exercises to do to cure the back pain. If you do the wrong exercises then you can end up making the pain worse. When you are above forty you have to be careful about the exercising you choose. If you do intense exercise then it will end up escalating the pain as the bones will not be strong enough to handle the strain.

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