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Has technology betrayed us yet again?

 How? Basically something tragic happened few days back. When an accident caused 100 drivers stuck on a road full of mud. This is somehow a very sticky situation when you try to be dependent on technologies in the end of the day you get tangled in tragic happening.

This is the question wandering on your mind do we rely on these tiny objects? The answer is yes, if we say it again a lot. We have everything that can do our work instantly. We do not need to worry of little things that is kind of worry some most of the time. What if we rely too much on these technologies?

What will happen then??

There is nothing to deny about technology that is truly great however, humans are becoming lazier. It is just like people are hypnotize or a puppet of gadgets. For instance, most of us if dealing with numbers try to incorporate calculators as compared to our brains that work more quickly. For example, students figure out information regarding how to write MBA essay.

 GPS has changed the world of traveling though it made it quite easier this had made people not rely on maps or memory for place recognition.

Relying on Google Map led to a chaotic situation 

Do you rely on Google Map while traveling ? Do you feel relax on how helpful these technology can be?

Do we really are dependent on such technologies? As the technology is making us more carefree and helpless the situation sometimes become hectic and chaotic. Just like that, when a situation occurred in the state of Colorado, just because of finding a routine that is clear from traffic has made things worse for the drivers.

Everyone do not have time for waiting an hour long in a traffic, as technology is becoming faster just like that people are also faster. Specially, when you are in a hurry or had to go to a meeting or a flight that might not wait for you only. Then, the best way is to turn on the GPS and track down all the nearby places that are free from traffic. Obviously, Google Map is here for you.  

But what if this Map has blunders too!

When the state of Colorado was stuck in a traffic people try to find ways on how to tackle the situation. Some were late for flight that cannot be messed others have different reason to escape from this situation. While Google detect this tragedy it immediately planned an alternative route for the drivers. Google had a feature of detecting ways or alternative routes to break up the traffic mishaps.

However, we say humans are imperfect but now these also true Human made objects are also imperfect. When Google planned the immediate alternative they possibly were misguided due to weather conditions. 

There were birds and bullet holes then people, the road suggested by Google Map was middle of know where, untraveled path where there is no existence of humans.    

Navigation system has done lot more tragedies

Those 100 drivers are not alone misguided by navigation system there are lot of other cases that are more hilarious then this one.

These electronic voices directing you turn by turn for each step you take not focusing on the traffic lights and warning signs have led to a devastated situation.

Some of those tragedies are,

Believing GPS was too risk though  

A teenager who had no idea the GPS would turn against him and guide him the direction that can straight away charged fine or penalty. This kid had relied on GPS religiously that it made his decision the worst one. Making a left turn turned out quite warning.

Ignoring the warning sign led down the stream

Women in her twenties had neglected warning signs plus she did not even use common sense to drive smartly on a safe road. However, this you might say overconfidence or too much blinded believe has led to the life threatening situation. Where she drove her car towards a dead end means a raining-swollen river. 

Who is blamed for this tragedy-Google OR Drivers 

 Well talking about who is wrong and who is right, we cannot blame only one party for this matter. However, the tragedy has started when accidents occur and that cause a massive traffic. Finding a detour to locate a better traffic free route people turn on the GPS and one by one cars get along the muddy road and got stuck.

Being too faithful to technology and not focusing on signs or your inner felling led to this chaos. 

But Google Map that is just a technology that can go wrong any time or get hacked so it’s risky to totally rely on the GPS. Google blamed on the weather condition and the route that was recommended by Google algorithm was not private. So, Google suggest itself to be extra careful on deciding routes for you and added that this situation occurred due to the unconditional circumstances.

A victim addresses the situation

Talking to CNN Connie Monsees she says that the traffic was long enough to wait that she put on the GPS and go on a route detected by Google Map. As she had to pick her husband from the airport however, this wasn’t possible due to the muddy road followed by other drivers.

As she go down to the road and saw other cars following that alternative route she drove forward and got stuck by the sticky situation. She escaped this accident by touring the wheel well liner and rescued herself.  After that she also saved two people from missing out there flight to the airport.

Final point

People blindly believe technology is always right although that not true. Just like in a university environment nursing essay topics and tips for students are searched so much but Google will not give us the authentic information. We need to use our brains too for figuring out solutions immediately. 

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