Tips On Keeping Your Wedding Ring In Good Condition

It doesn’t matter what your wedding ring looks like, how many stones it has, whatever its setting is, or what the diamond looks like, every wedding ring is invaluable. It’s more than a piece of jewelry for a couple since it carries with it the memories and experiences they had even before their marriage.

Wedding rings holda value that transcends the financial aspects thanks to what they represent to a couple. As long as the wedding ring is still in pristine condition, a couple can pass it down to their children or grandchildren when it’s their time to get married.

Clean it Regularly

Since there’s a large possibility that you’ll wear your wedding ring every day, it will collectboth dirt and oil from your skin. Your ring’s crevices would collect the residue that built up throughout the time that you haven’t cleaned it.

You can choose to use warm water with mild dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush to disturb the dirt buildup. It is advisable to give your wedding ring a quick and gentle scrub every two weeks to agitate the filth.

To be assured that your ring is thoroughly cleaned, you can have it checked by your trusted jeweler.

Have it Checked By Your Trusted Jeweller

Your jeweler is the most qualified to check the current state of your wedding ring since jewelers have the expertise to identify the possible issues present in the ring. They can spot loose settings, worn metal, broken prongs, and bent rings that the average person might not notice or pay any attention.

If you want tips on how to take care of your wedding ring at home, you can ask your jeweler for tips on doing so.

Take It Off When Needed

While your wedding ring is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear, there will be circumstances Wedding rings may be designed to endure the wear and tear it’ll receive through everyday use, but you might want to consider taking yours off when doing some particular activities.

People tend to lose their rings when washing dishes due to exposure to grease that can result in it dropping down the drain from slippery fingers.

Store Your Diamond Jewels Separately

Wedding rings may have diamonds on them and storing them alongside other jewelry can damage them. The diamond can scratch the metal band and other jewelry with stones thanks to its properties.

Get it Insured  

Wedding rings are expensive and can cost a lot of money when lost. Protecting the rings with insurance can keep you from shelling out a large amount of money, and some companies even replace your lost or damaged rings to keep you from receiving any stress looking for a replacement if needed.

Wedding rings hold financial and sentimental value for the couple, and the opportunity to treat them as heirlooms that the couple’s children or grandchildren can inherit for their own weddings make them more valuable than what they initially cost. To know how you can keep your wedding ring in good condition, you can view this infographic by AdevaJewellery.

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