Top 3 Things To Keep In Mind While Printing Comic Books Online

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As the famous Stan Lee says, “Comic books to me are fairy tales for grown-ups”. You are never too old to read or write a comic book, it is a great way to never let the child in you die and expand your imagination at the same time. You may want to design your own comic books to pitch to the publishers or for a start-up company of your own. The primary thing you need to do is get a hold of a custom book printing company that will help you furnish your very own comic book. Although there a few pointers to keep in mind while printing your comic book online, let us take a look at them.

Before starting anything else, you need to have an outline for the script your comic book is going to follow. The details of the story need to be clear in your mind so that you can delegate the information to the book printing company. The setting, actions and dialogues need to be discussed with designers in order to put together a successful comic book. You need to revise your script till it is perfect, fix the desirable scene order and dialogue, draw and colour the comic as in your head and finally get the job done at an online printing service.

Only when you are done with curating the perfect script, can you move on to think about the exact design your comic book is going to have. You need to decide on the number of sections each page needs to have to finish the story in your desired number of pages. The online printing companies usually provide you with free comic book layout templates. There may be a few people on your team who are helping in putting the comic together, take suggestions from them about drawing, colours and writings. Once you have the perfect design ready for the pages in your book as well as the cover of the comic, save it as a PDF and get in touch with the custom book printing agency.

You need to spend enough time on the structure that your comic book is going to have. It includes kind of paper for cover, paper used for inside the book, binding, kind of artwork and so on. Let us see how you can make the best of these structural issues with the options you have.

  1. The thicker the paper, the more durable the book. The thickness of the paper is written in terms of weight in pounds, the most common among book printing companies are 70lb, 80lb and 100lb.
  2. The options for the quality of paper used for both the book cover and the pages inside will include glossy, matte and uncoated. The glossy papers add a fancy look to the book whereas matte papers add a sophisticated touch.
  3. The online printing services usually offer three types of books, soft-cover perfect bound books, saddle stitched books and coil-bound books. for comic books, saddle stitched books are mostly common as they are bounded with two staplers in the middle, suitable for pages varying from 8-60 in number.
  4. The most common size available at online custom book printing companies for comic books is 6.62 X 10.25”. This is not only an ideal size; it is easier to handle and read as well.
  5. You need to discuss with the book printing company about the interior colours. You can decide between the options of going full black-and-white or a colourful take. Colourful comic books are exciting whereas the black-and-white ones help set the mood. It will all depend on the budget you have.

These tips will help you come up with the perfect comic book, all you need to do is spend some time to make the right decisions. As you are going for online printing, make sure you read the reviews of the company from previous customers to get a clearer idea.

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