Web Development in WordPress

Undoubtedly, there are advantages and disadvantages to open source CMSs. I’m not trying to convince or discourage anyone from using WordPress, rather let’s look at a few aspects factually.


I see WordPress as a great option for those who want simple web development Dubai for themselves. With moderate computer and Internet skills, you can do it on your own. Plus, if you can give up on making it look exactly the way you envisioned (meaning you’re willing to acknowledge that WordPress is a do-it-yourself limit), you can even get your website out of the cheap. . Conversely, if you want a website that REALLY works the way you envisioned and looks, then WordPress is by no means a good choice.


Developing a completely custom page based on WordPress will not be cheaper at all, and the result will not be better.


So the one million dollar question: If someone sticks to WordPress because their friend has one too, it’s just an emotional decision. I think how  dtechnically we develop a website is a professional question after assessing the needs. 


Mandatory updates and their issues

If you are building your system on a completely public system – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – or any other open source content manager, you need to know what it entails. Because these sites are constant targets for malicious people, their security flaws are also completely public. 


Of course, since bug fixes are ongoing, if you’re updating your WordPress page, there’s no problem.


Plugin problems

For a WordPress ecommerce web design UAE to know everything we want, we need to install plugins that do different things. These are often created and published by enthusiastic developers, incorporating their own work and energy. However, countless times, their lives change and they don’t improve on that thing, and then as WordPress evolves, it pulls away from the plugin nicely and they are no longer compatible with each other. This is when it comes to suction, search for new plugins, and migrate your data. And that’s both money and money – which the developer has to pay out.


Problems with a single website can occur up to 4-5 years when there are major PHP version changes, and if the site is well-structured, any knowledgeable web developer can resolve these relatively easily.


If you still develop a website on WordPress, do it only with a trusted web designing companies in Dubai company that undertakes to maintain it on a regular basis. Because if you stand there and take the website to someone else, it won’t be easier for you to find a really proficient WordPress website developer.

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